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Beth: Submissive wife has a Master

Sexual thrill of anticipation

Mature and willing

Her Master's mark

Beautiful mature wife
$2.25 a min or 30 for $60
My husband is a very kind and attentive lover, but he is also weak in his love for me; he says he could never do anything to cause me pain, even if I wanted him to. As nice as it is to have him adoringly attend to every part of my body, I've always felt that there was something missing in my sex life. Then, I met my Master.

We started out by talking on the phone; He could tell right from the start that I am a submissive older slut, and made me confess to Him all of my submission fantasies in our hours of dark, kinky phone sex. He very quickly learned how badly I needed a nasty, sadistic Master to use and abuse me, since my husband is just not sexually aggressive at all. I could tell by the sound of His voice how turned on He was by the thought of owning Me, particularly in front of my weak cuckold husband.

What came as a surprise to me is how much my wimpy husband loves watching me be dominated by my Master. I think that he enjoys feeling like less of a man as he does when he sees me submit; Master demands utter obedience from me, and that makes my husband's wishes and desires even less important. Master has me do things that my husband could never do, and I'm sure that makes him feel even more inadequate than normal, knowing that he is incapable of asserting himself over me in any way. Even when Master is away, my husband feels his presence; he can't even look at the tender areas of my body without seeing the mark of this other, far more superior man who has taken his rightful place in power over me. I would love nothing more than to have it that my husband has to beg my Master, just as I do, to be able to fuck me; then, I would be completely and totally the property of my Master, making my husband an utterly insignificant cuckold.

I wonder, is it the thought of your wife being objectified and consensually abused by another man while you are forced to sit back and watch that turns you on so powerfully? Or, maybe, you are an intimidatingly dominant man like my Master who loves making older women like me into your groveling slave. Anytime I get turned on, I have been trained to wait on my knees for instructions from my master, fully knowing that my husband is in another corner, unable to touch me. I am kneeling, now, waiting for your call...

Willing to do anything for HIM, and my husband watches.

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