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Debra: Cuckold Confession

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She wouldn't understand, would she? Your wife loves you and you love her and if she knew the things you think about she would be horrified and never, ever understand. She couldn't grasp that its because you love her so much that you want to watch other men fuck her. That its because you think she's so incredibly sexy that the idea of seeing her covered in the cum of a multitude of nameless strangers makes your cock harder than anything else. How can you tell her that you WANT to be a cuckold?

And what if you told her about your darker fantasies? The ones that you try so hard not think about but that still creep into your mind and confuse even you? You love your wife and you would never let anyone hurt her but you never cum harder than when you imagine her being fucked rough and hard, being paddled and abused by a dominant man with a huge cock that he forces down her throat. Maybe that man even laughs at you because he's made you a cuckold and your cock is small and worthless to her and because he's taken her away from you.

You can tell me your secrets. Let's talk about all your cuckold fantasies. Maybe we can role play and I can even be your wife, just for a little while. I want to hear all the details about the things you imagine other men doing to her. I understand. Actually, it turns me on. You don't mind if I touch myself a little while we talk, do you.?

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